Integrative Massage
My massage studio
is located in the Historic
East Hill Neighborhood
of Wausau, Wisconsin.

Relax·Release·Renew On-site Services.

Relax Release Renew offers chair massage for the office, conventions or other group events.
Relax Release Renew Massage Therapy provides a comprehensive onsite solution for maintaining a well-balanced, healthy lifestyle for employees and management. Schedule massage therapists for weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or occasional special event visits to your place of business.

Reward Employees
Chair massage ia a wonderful way to reward employees for their hard work.

Reduce Stress
Chair Massage reduces stress and helps to prevent and ease repetitive movement injuries and stress-related conditions common in many work environments.

Improve Productivity
Massage will keep your employees productive, energetic and feeling positive about themselves, their careers and their company. A good massage pays for itself in productivity and positive energy.

Ease Apprehension
Chair massages are performed in a specially designed massage chair allowing the person receiving the massage to relax and remain supported while the therapist provides a stress relieving massage. This type of massage is appropriate for an open setting. It is a clothed massage.


Chair massages can be structured to last anywhere from 10-20 minutes, depending on the number of employees, time constraints, and your budget.

For large companies or groups several days can be reserved or additional massage therapists will be provided.